Antepost betting for World Cup 2014

The World Cup in Brazil will be in 2014, but we can already bet on antepost betting for which team will be the World Champion. Today I bothered to look at the offered betting odds and I can say that the favourites are quite expected.
The betting houses very reasonably value first the hosts from Brazil. If you choose to bet your money on their victory, you will win four pounds for every one of yours. However, note that Brazil has already hosted the World Cup, but failed to win even though they were believed to be the secure Champion. It was in 1950 and Brazil lost the final match with 1:2 to Uruguay.

world cup betting

Just behind Salesao is ranked Spain, so if you decide to bet some money on the Iberians to become World champions in football in 2014, you will receive only 5.5 odds. For me this betting rate is too low, given that the tournament is in South America and we all know how difficult it is for European teams to win there.

The third major favourite for the World Champion is Argentina, whose win gives odds of six. Then follows the team of Germany with 9, 19 is the coefficient for final victory of the Netherlands and 21 for England. Also, 21 is the coefficient for Italy, followed by Portugal with 26.

If you want something more interesting you can try betting for the World Cup to go to the players of Hungary, Northern Ireland or Finland, for example. If this happens and one of these teams wins the title, it will bring a winning bet and odds of 5001.

Much lower are the coefficients for Honduras as their win is estimated of 1501, but teams like Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Egypt have the modest odds of 501.

Antepost betting options are very interesting, although the punter has to wait many months to collect the profit. However, antepost betting allows many opportunities and odds shifting which could be very profitable.

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