European Championship winner – Antepost betting

UEFA European Football Championship ended just a few months ago and we all saw the final where Spain defeated Italy with style 4:0. In the semi-finals played the teams of Germany and Portugal and generally we can say it was a very strong and interesting championship. However, if you have a look at a reputable betting house, you will see that they already offer betting options for the winner of the European Championships in 2016.

Is it earlier or not to bet on who will be the next European champion everyone can decide for himself. A few days ago the World Cup 2014 qualifiers just started, but it will be interesting to see which teams are the main favourites for the first place at Euro 2016.

european-cup betting

Without any doubt the biggest favourite for a win at the European Championship for every betting house all over the world is Spain. The betting odds for them to become European champions for the third consecutive time are 3.75, which is really a very low rate. Taking into account that the Iberians are the main favourites for the World Cup in 2014 in Brazil, we can say that the bookmakers expect real football hegemony of Spain these days.

The second major favourite for the title of the European champion in 2016 is Germany. Bookmakers reported the upsurge of the German players in recent years and the fact that their present team is built with very young players. This is why the offered betting odds are 4.5.

Further on in the preference of the bookies follows the team of France, which is estimated to odds of 7, the Netherlands and Italy, with coefficients of 10 and 11 and England, which would bring 13 odds.

In antepost betting suggestions it is always interesting to see some more exotic betting offers. For example, if you bet on Northern Ireland to become European champion in 2016 you will get odds of 2501. A rate of 501 is offered for the teams of Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Hungary.

It can be considered as a good investment to bet on one of them, since if they make a good qualification, especially if they qualify for the European Championship, the rate for their ultimate victory will drop significantly, which is a good opportunity for profit or even a possible sale of the bet.

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