CIty vs Villa – an away win with AK +1;+1.5

Manchester City versus Aston Villa is one of the few matches between teams from the Premier League in this round of Capital One Cup. Both teams certainly have different claims for this tournament, but at least their performance in the Premier League so far can be compared and hence to extract the necessary conclusions for a proper betting prediction.

Manchester City has two wins and three draws so far in the league, something that certainly doesn’t make the manager Roberto Mancini very happy. Furthermore, the team conceded a loss from Real Madrid in the Champions League, which in any case did not help much. The busy schedule of City is a huge factor that should be expected to interfere in this match and there is no doubt that Mancini will go with the second if not the third team in this match.

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But there is another fact that will hardly surprise many people and it is that City’s bench is so long that even with a third team, Mancini’s boys will be competitive to teams like Aston Villa.

The situation with the guests is more than disappointing after the last round of the Premier League. The team made a catastrophic loss away to Southampton with 4-1. Moreover, it was the first victory of the Saints during the season, before the match with Villa they had only losses.

What Paul Lambert needs now is some success, to return confidence to the players, to re-unite the team and especially to increase the time that he will receive from the fans. So I expect a lot of the main players of Aston Villa to take part in the match. An additional argument in this direction is the fact that the Villa’s match in the Premier League is on Sunday, so the players will be able to rest from their match with Manchester City.

The proposal from the betting houses for an Aston Villa’s away win to Manchester City with Asian handicap advantage of 1;1.5 is 2.075 is good enough for me. It allows me to win, even with minimal victory for City, which for me is actually the most likely outcome of this match.

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